<b>HYDROCLORIC ACID</b> <hr> <br>Acidizing of petroleum wells.<br> Manufacture of Dyes, Phenols and Plastics. <br> Manufacture of intermediates, such as FeCl<sub>2</sub> , ZnCl<sub>2</sub>, AlCl<sub>3</sub> etc. <br> General Cleaning in household and in commercial, Industrial establishment <hr>
<b>AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE<b> <br> <hr>Imaging copper Etch. <br> Bases.<br> Aqueous cleaners.<br> pH adjustors for water Treatment.<br> Inner Layer Etching -print Circ Brd Mfg. <br> Outer Layer Etch/plate .<br>Circuit manufacturing. <hr>
 <b>SULFURIC ACID<b> <br> <hr>Fertilizers. <br> Pharmaceuticals.<br> Gasoline. <br>Sugar bleaching. <br> Steel manufacturing.<br> Coloring agents. <br> Regeneration of ion exchange resins.<br> Water Treatment <hr>

<b>CAUSTIC SODA<b> <br> <hr> Textile processing as a mercerizing agent & fixing agent. <br> Nuetralizing agent in petroleum refining, pulp and paper , detergents and vegetable-oil refining <br> Soap Industry as a sponifying agent <br> Ion Exchange resins regeneration<br> Chemical manufacture of rayon and cellophone <hr>
<b>FERRIC CHLORIDE<b> <br> <hr>Treatment of potable water, sewerage , wastewater & Industrial wastewater. <br> Etching agent for engraving, Photography & printed circuitry.<br>  Disinfectant.<br> Pigment.<hr>
 <b>SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE<b> <br> <hr>Bleaching, Paperplup , texttiles etc. <br> Water Purifaictaion. <br> Medicine.<br> Swiming pool disinfectant. <br> Laundering.<br>Germicides. <hr>

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